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How Can I Immigrate to Canada from Dubai, Abu Dhabi or from any of the other Emirates from UAE?

Many people go to Canada from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and from any of the other Emirates of UAE one day and the reason can be various. It is one of the most thriving and peaceful countries in the world. It provides attractive work opportunities to the residents and foreigners alike. However, migrating to Canada from Dubai, UAE is not easy, so you may need the help of professional immigration consultant to get assisted throughout the process.

When you plan to relocate to Canada, the first question that probably comes to your mind is “can I immigrate to Canada from UAE” isn’t it? Yes, so, here is some information that can be useful to you. Canada is a great destination to apply for a permanent citizenship with its democratic government and liberal society. Many people apply for a Canadian PR Visa every year from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and from the other Emirates of UAE but, not everyone succeeds in getting one.  There are various reasons for the delays and denial of visa. Let’s help you to immigrate to Canada by elucidating some of the reasons.

Know About the Appropriate Canada Immigration Program

Knowing the right immigration program to apply for permanent Canadian residency is one of the major points when we are talking about delayed or failed visa applications. Most of Canada’s immigration programs along with the Federal Express Entry process are based on points. So, the points acquired by the applicant for the main profile factors, like age, qualification, experience, etc., matters significantly. You must get a proper score on all the profile factors so that you can get to apply.

Also, any error in application form or documentation, background verification if found improper can become the reason for visa denial.

Immigrate to Canada from UAE

Choose the Right Immigration Program for Yourself

The first thing you have to do as an applicant is to select the appropriate immigration program to go to Canada from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and from the other emirates of UAE, depending on your profile. If your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score is in good shape, then you can go for Federal Express Entry System and be patient to get the Invitation to apply (ITA). If you find the whole process a bit complicating, you can take that help of an expert immigration consultant in Dubai, as they are familiar with the complete process and can help to get a PR Visa in the shortest possible time.

Express Entry system

It is a highly popular point-based immigration system to move to Canada. This process also depends on the CRS. The candidate has to apply online to register his or her profile and get point score. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will select and invite the applicant with top CRS score with the help of periodic draws. But, if your CRS score is low, you must try to apply through an alternative program such as Provincial Nominee Programs.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

This can be a rather more complex system as most of the provinces in the country has different PNP, with the help of this they provide an invitation to properly skilled workers to apply for provincial nomination. The applicant who gets selected for this category gets a provincial nomination from a specific province. However, they can, later on, apply for Canada PR visa directly to IRCC or add 600 CRS points more in the express entry (if applied for it).

In case you are unaware of Canadian immigration process and the requirements, then the best option is to coordinate with a reliable Canadian visa consultant in Dubai for applying a PR Visa to Canada.