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Are You Planning to Migrate to Australia From Dubai? Things You Need to Know!

If you want to go to a country with fresh air, undistorted nature, pleasant weather throughout the year, you have taken the right decision of immigrating to Australia. The nation also boasts of a great work-life balance. Being an expat, if you wish to explore new work opportunities, live a high-quality life along with advanced health care facility, Australia can be the next suitable place for you.

Immigration to Australia from Dubai can be a daunting task being unaware of proper visa categories and the process to secure a visa. Beginning from applying, documentation, visa interview to securing a visa can be a smooth matter when you consult with an expert immigration consultant in Dubai. They guide you all through the process.

If you are a skilled person living in Dubai, Australia can be a really luring option for immigrating. Australia embraces several skilled professionals from different countries in the world. If you want to migrate to Australia from Dubai, this article can be guiding for you as the following section contains the key considerations to make the immigration process easier for you.

Migrate to Australia

Skilled Workers and Professionals

Australia always welcomes professionals, which it does to be able to address the skill shortage in the country. The country can largely benefit from the incoming workers to fill the holes in the workforce. The government provides a Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List to encourage applications from Dubai, and other foreign countries for skilled workers in various sectors. Mostly the industries that have ‘shortage of occupations’ are:

Accounts and Finance
Construction and Mining

Check the Work Visa Options Before You Apply for One

The country provides a number of options for the skilled workers or who wish to invest in Australia. These visas are made to meet the genuine skill shortages, diversify business expertise and improve entrepreneurial talent; without replacing Australian workers.

Improving Your Eligibility Rating for Australia Immigration

When you want to apply for a permanent visa in Australia, you should have 60 points minimum in the immigration point test. For increasing the immigration points and thus eligibility, you have to improve English proficiency and perform best in the international English Language Testing System.

You will also need a nomination from an Australian company.

How much Expense is Needed to Migrate to Australia?

There are a few cost considerations you need to ponder immigrating to Australia. These include a charge for the visa application, which differs according to how many people are applying. Skill assessment fees also should be paid.

Never forget the medical examination charge, health insurance fees and of course the airfare.

Well, you don’t need to be puzzled with the different process involved in securing a visa for Australia from Dubai if you take the help of competent immigration consultants in Dubai.

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