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Top 5 Cities to Study in Australia

Australia is one of the best study abroad destinations in the world. It offers a broad variety of educational courses to students coming from different parts of the world. Australia is also home for some of the most excellent universities that provide with numerous academic options such as, Ph.D. degrees, master degrees, bachelor degrees and associate degrees and especially for the international students in the fields of medicine, business, humanities, and tourism etc.

Around 3, 00,000 students move to Australia every year and most of them are from Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and Korea etc. Moreover, due to the freshly modified visa application rules have been showing more advantageous for overseas students as they do not require showing much financial proof and credentials. Here is the top five cities in Australia which are best for a better living conditions along with world-class educational universities.


One of the best abroad cities of Australia and has 9 universities providing diverse educational courses and excellent education system. This place is famous for nursing, IT and business related subjects. There are many popular universities, where Victoria and Deakin University are very well-liked by many. The city also has well-organized transport facilities and for their cultural entertainment.


It is the most expensive city and has best universities of Australia. It has got a very tranquil lifestyle and is considered as the unique city. This city has five universities with a high student population.


Perth is an amazing destination for studies in Western Australia. This city has top universities which provide a broad variety of study programs and well-built education organization for Indian students. This city is recognized for its openings and opportunities in the mining industry and also the travel distance is very less from India so most of the Indian students prefer this place.


Brisbane is one more preferred place for study and work opportunities. It has three well-known universities which offer excellent teaching services and affordable living expense.


Adelaide has three famous universities that attract overseas students from all over the globe. This is the best place for food fans and students who prefer low expenses.

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