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Top Six Universities to Pursue Overseas Education

The QS World University Rankings 2018, provides you the best resource to refer to when deciding which universities to apply to. It includes around 1,000 universities from 84 countries around the world you can opt for higher studies.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

This MIT (US) is continuing to be the topmost for the recent six years with extremely strong reputation among both fellow academics and employers. MIT is responsible for an impressive number of academic citations per faculty.

Stanford University

Silicon Valley-based Stanford University is continuing to hold off the challenge from Harvard to be the second in the list. Stanford goes toe-to-toe with MIT in multiple of the indicators used to compile the rankings but loses ground because of the university’s low international student ratio.

Harvard University
The US University, Harvard is now being at third place in the rankings is also ranked the best in the world for its reputation among academics surveyed for this ranking, a title it retains from previous years.

• California Institute of Technology
Caltech also in US, has particularly good student to faculty ratio and an impressive number of citations produced per faculty.

University of Cambridge
Cambridge, the UK University is ranked best in the world for employer reputation and can at least enjoy bragging rights over a certain rival.

• University of Oxford
Oxford University still has some ground to make up if they want to be the best in Britain. It does out-perform in its ratio of international students and international faculty though.

Behind these Universities comes the University College London (UK), Imperial College, London, University of Chicago (US), and ETH Zurich (UK-US duopoly). To know more about the best universities across the globe, eligibility criteria, scholarships, courses offered with different combination of subjects and the course suitable for you, get in touch with Definite Consultants. Log on to our website to book an appointment with our expert counselors now or contact us on +971 26440160 or hang on to our website, www.definiteconsultant.com.